Course Overview

Wake up each day with a clear plan for your success.

The TR:action programme is a coached 20-minute weekly session that supports high-flyers and entrepreneurs on their commitment and desired trajectory of business/personal success.

At the end of your weekly session, you will feel clear-headed and confident, armed with a simple but powerful plan for making the next seven days count.

This fine-tuned action plan is laid out on a committed calendar by your personal business and motivational coach.

Your coach will check in on your progress and plan throughout the week and be there to keep you supported and accountable.

You execute your commitments with momentum and control, waking up each day knowing exactly what to work on. 

At the end of each week, you iterate, optimise and begin again. This weekly ritual will act as compounded interest for your productivity and growth.

Are you ready to move the needle daily towards growth? Towards success? Through action?

Let’s go.

We offer 3, 6 or 12-month support packages that are broken down by:

  • Discovery meeting
  • 20-minute, online weekly meetings
  • Weekly motivational email

The results are immediate for all parties:

For the business:

  • Increased productivity (Individual and collective).
  • Increased engagement and better work quality
  • Potential succession plan through the development of individual

For the employees

  • A greater sense of achievement
  • Feeling better at work and home
  • Achieve more, professionally and personally
  • A stronger sense of accountability.

Programme Benefits

How you will benefit

Productivity Tools to control time

Start achieving more

With our support, you will start to gain traction towards your ultimate goals and objectives.

Become 20% more productive

Become 20% more productive

On average, those participating in this programme increase their productivity by 20% and start performing at a superior level.

Positive intent. Postive teams.

A positive intent. A positive path

For high-flyers and entrepreneurs who may at times feel isolated will have the support to flourish and will feel positive on their path to high performance.

Finish projects on time by being productive

Committed to growth.

Your coach is committed to keeping you committed to your commitments! Success and growth are mutual objectives.

Programme Steps

The support, the accountability, the motivation for your success

A 1-hour discovery session with you to understand your goals, objectives and desire to succeed – and where your strengths and weaknesses lay.

A weekly 20-minute session with an experienced and dedicated personal business coach will run through with you exactly what will be achieved over the next seven days to push the needle towards personal and business growth. Your calendar will be clear, with no ambiguity or noise—just clarity for the week ahead.

You will also receive a motivational email from your coach with insight for your mind, motivation, and direction.

You’ll feel more confident, more in control and well on your way to achieving everything you want to. You will have the tools and the clarity of vision to make things happen weekly.

Who is this Programme for?

The TR:action Programme has been created for high-flyers and entrepreneurs who need accountability and support that they can't find either from within or from colleagues/employees.

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You may be a manager or director in a business that needs external support to push the envelope—the accountability from a dedicated coach who understands your aspirations.

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Entrepreneurial people can sometimes feel isolated at the top of an organisation that is growing and feeling fractured. We help you gain clarity, gain control of your week so you can grow your business sustainably.

Need to book for more than one person?

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