Course Overview

From under-performer to core employee and trusted professional

What if you could give your under-performers the support to turn them into core employees and trusted professionals?

The focus of the Performance Booster Programme is on improving organisational performance and individual development to the required standards.

We work 1-2-1 on their objectives and challenges, on their personal strengths, and on any areas for development. In effect, we would be creating a strong and trusting partnership that enables the individual to improve and sustain their performance.

The Performance Booster Programme provides employers the support and tools to decipher if an employee is able to turnaround low-performance and broken down into:

  • Initial evaluation of the background to the issues
  • Interview with the line manager
  • Interview with the individual, which then progresses to:
  • Weekly 1-2-1 sessions with the individual
  • Every 2 weeks with the line manager resulting in:
  • The individual still in post, or dismissed (no fee from Avilio).

The results are immediate both at the company and individual levels

For the individual:

  • Review: Reflect on the week gone by: celebrate wins, draw insights, and tweak forecasts for what’s ahead
  • Clarify: Organise thoughts, break down this week’s goals, and identify your highest leverage tasks for the upcoming week
  • Commit: Carve out dedicated space for important, high-leverage tasks, to ensure completion of the tasks. Agree on communication to stakeholders

For the line manager

  • Review: Reflect on the week gone by: celebrate wins, draw insights, and tweak forecasts for what’s ahead
  • Clarify: Organise thoughts, break down objectives for the next 2 weeks, and identify key deadlines that will need to be met
  • Commit: Agree on key activities to support the individual and carve out quality time for it.

Programme Benefits

How you will benefit

Productivity Tools to control time

90-day money back guaranteed*

If the low-performer is not in post three months after the end of the program, you get your money back.

(*T&Cs apply)

Become 20% more productive

Saving on recruitment

If the individual's performance changes and is still in post, the savings to be made in recruitment become apparent.

Positive intent. Postive teams.

Happy, positive employees

An invigorated, performing employee who feels supported will be happier and potentially more successful.

Finish projects on time by being productive

Organisational performance up

Seeds are sown at an individual level that help organisations grow, and perform better.

Programme Steps

The tools, the insight, and the support to help turn around an individual's performance.

Completion of the Performance Booster Programme Survey by the line manager or employer to identify if there is any mileage in supporting said individual with this programme. If the results are positive, we move on to the next phase—a 1-2-1 session with the line manager.

Performance Booster steps are to be reviewed in line with the programme.

1-2-1 coaching sessions kicked off with an interview with the employee to gauge their feelings about the process, their current performance and how they feel about being supported to turn their performance around.

Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

A complete evaluation of the individual and the findings presented to the business.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is for any underperforming managers or directors. 

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Middle Managers

The core of many businesses is the middle managers, who may be struggling but will thrive with some guidance.

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Senior Managers

Often Senior Managers feel the pressure of work in life. We help them take control and perform well again.

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Directors in business can sometimes lose their way. Our coaching helps them find their flight.

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