Course Overview

Get control of your time, your work, your life.

The Time Master Programme is a unique Time Management Course and hybrid programme (1-2-1 coaching combined with in-class training).

The course helps businesses to improve their productivity whilst considering that employees deserve to work in a positive environment and should be able to enjoy their job.

Time Management Tools

The Time Master Programme provides tools for better time management and a better way to collaborate. It is articulated around 3 key concepts:

  • Achieve peace of mind
  • When in the room be in the room
  • Assume positive intent

This time Management course is designed to help employees struggling with balancing work pressure and home commitments and underachieving. It is ideal for teams that are currently underperforming or newly formed following a reorganisation.

What does a lack of time management look like? (check this useful guide on Atlassian).

The results are immediate both at the company and individual levels

For the business:

  • Increased productivity (Individual and collective).
  • Increased engagement and better work quality
  • Improved talent attraction and retention.

For the employees

  • A greater sense of achievement
  • Feeling better at work and at home
  • Achieve more, professionally and personally
  • A stronger sense of accountability
  • Stronger confidence in delivering within deadlines every time
  • View case studies from previous Avilio customers and their success adopting our methodologies.

Programme Benefits

How you will benefit

Productivity Tools to control time

The tools to control your time, your life

We focus on peoples stresses backed by our time management course & tools to ensure time, work & life are managed.

Become 20% more productive

Become 20% more productive

On average, those participating in Avilio's time management course increase productivity by 20%.

Positive intent. Postive teams.

A positive intent. A positive team.

An invigorated team in control of their time helps create a can-do, positive and relaxed culture.

Finish projects on time by being productive

Project delivery. On time.

Our students deliver projects on time, with the many positive benefits that can bring to a business.

Time Management Course – The Programme Steps

The tools, insight, and plan will make you, your team, and your business more productive and positive.

In-depth review of the roles and responsibilities of the participants in the time management course.

Workshop training with all participants to detail the key principles and explain the complete methodology that will be applied during the time management course coaching sessions

Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions focussing on practical usage of the systems and accountability to see if you are respecting your commitments and ensuring sustainable methodologies.

1-2-1 meeting looking back at previous weeks. The objective is to ensure the programme participants have a total understanding and handling of the systems and are capable of maintaining and sustaining the discipline acquired throughout the programme to become a Time Master.

Who is this Programme for?

The Time Master Programme has been created for managers and businesses that understand their business can not run without them.

Middle Managers Icon

Middle Managers

The core of many businesses are the middle managers, who may be struggling but will thrive with some guidance.

Middle Managers Icon

Senior Managers

Frequently Senior Managers feel the pressure of work in life. We help you retake control of your time.

Founders and Owners Icon


Directors and owners in business oftentimes are spinning many plates. Our tools help them manage this better.

Need to book for more than one person?

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