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36 Hours Off-Site with Your Team To (Re)Discover Your Individual Strengths And Collective Weaknesses

Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Excellence

Jeremy Le Fevre

At Avilio, we recognise that a cohesive and empowered leadership team is the cornerstone of organisational success.

We are excited to invite you to our Beyond Boundaries Programme, an exclusive Leadership Team Development Offsite.

A transformative Leadership Team Development Offsite

We’re teaming up with Executive Coach & Team Development Facilitator Jeremy Le Fevre to offer our clients the Beyond Boundaries Programme, a transformative Leadership Team Development Offsite designed to elevate your team’s effectiveness, collaboration, and strategic agility.

Teamwork in Tight Conditions

This is more than just a retreat; it’s an opportunity for your leadership team to step away from the daily grind and engage in a focused, immersive learning experience.

Over 36 hours, we will delve deep into experiential leadership development that tests problem-solving, effective communication, team dynamics, and strategic thinking, all set against one of our specially selected locations.

This change of scenery, away from fast-paced technology and distractions, allows team members to reconnect with themselves and their colleagues on a more personal level. It encourages open communication and builds trust, essential foundations for effective teamwork.

Hands-on problem solving

Activities are hands-on, practical experiences to enhance teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and other skills within a group context.

Our expertise is in creating experience-neutral scenarios that are dynamic environments, which become an excellent platform for teams to practice their capacity to handle challenges efficiently.

  • We immerse your team in simulated situations where they must think on their feet, make decisions, and work together
  • We’ll strengthen your bonds as a leadership team, enhancing collaboration, communication, and cross-functional understanding
  • Highly skilled facilitation nurtures safe, confidential spaces for colleagues to reflect on their experiences and extract valuable insights
  • We’ll draw on tangible experiences to illustrate and highlight similarities and differences in personal leadership styles, helping you develop a greater awareness of how we might flex and adapt effectively to different situations
  • This is a unique opportunity to discover individual potential within your team and help unlock hidden strengths to help you grow stronger
  • It is also a time to explore and address areas of development you may need support with.

Most importantly, this all happens away from the gaze of the day-today and the demanding pressures of the bottom line, a rare and unique opportunity to nourish growth.

Key Features And Benefits

We like to strike a balance between productive learning experiences and enjoyable downtime 😉


  • Unique, Taylor-Made off-Site Experience
  • Focussed design to meet your current needs
  • Participant & Team profiling
  • Pre-coaching of participants to manage expectations & set intentions
  • Experiential learning with real, live activities designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration
  • Teamwork in tight conditions - Active participation in challenging scenarios
  • Engaging in problem-solving challenges that require creative thinking
  • Highly experienced skilled facilitation
  • Dedicated support in logistical organisation
  • Follow-up support to embed learning in the workplace.


Our facilitation staff work with you to explore your current challenges & design each off-site to clarify organisational alignment & ensure all your needs are met.

To give you peace of mind, all activities are fully risk assess and supported by our experienced, fully qualified professional staff team as well as being insured by the Activities Mutual Industry Ltd.

  • Change of Environment: Break routine, see challenges and opportunities from different perspectives & stimulate fresh thinking
  • Enhanced Communication: Away from work pressures, you’ll feel more comfortable sharing ideas, concerns, and feedback, leading to better understanding & improved working relationships
  • Bonding and Trust: Spending time together in a non-work context allows you to build stronger interpersonal connections.
  • Development of Team Cohesion
  • Fresh perspective on nurturing resilient
  • Grow trust, a fundamental enabler of success
  • Hands-on Learning with impact
  • Personal Growth: nurturing participants’ self-confidence, adaptability, and interpersonal skills
  • Employee Engagement - purposefully develop your dynamic, engaged team
  • Cultural Alignment: Clarify & crystallise your company's values and culture
  • Fostering an organisational culture of continuous improvement
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Develop more explicit expectations, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Conflict resolution & improve interpersonal relationships within the team
  • Celebration and Recognition.

Programme Design

Working with you, we clarify your current situation, crystallise the programme intentions and align logistical variable to suite for needs.

1. Understand Yourself

Explore your True Nature & Understand your own operating system. Initial Workshop to offering a shared language to explore similarity & difference.

2. Discovery Session

121 Session with each participant to explore individual and collective challenges and prepare for the Off-Site experience

3. Off-Site Experience

36h as a team in nature, to gain insights into your own and your team’s strengths and weaknesses

4. Individual and Team Debrief

Individual and Collective feedback meetings to reflect on key learnings and formulation of development action plans

5. Follow-up

A follow up meeting to refresh, remind and embed the learning in the workplace, reviewing what’s changed and ensuring accountability, implementation

*Pricing excludes – Travel, Accommodation and food

Based on the “Inner Development Goals”: Background, method and the IDG framework

5 dimensions – 23 skills and qualities

9 Off-Site Centres

From the Wilderness of the Highlands to outstanding beauty of the South downs, we have selected 9 centres across the UK.

20 years experience

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