Course Overview

Boosting Your Confidence, Unleashing Your Potential.

Empowering Individuals With (Re)Found Confidence


At Avilio, we understand that confidence stands as the linchpin between aspirations and achievements in the dynamic landscape of corporate success. Lizi Jackson-Barrett, a seasoned confidence coach, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author, orchestrates a transformative experience tailored for corporate teams: the Confidence Strategy Half-Day Intensive.



Building Up Your Confidence

For this, we’re teaming up with Lizi Jackson-Barrett, a seasoned confidence coach, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author, to offer our clients the Confidence Strategy Intensive Programme,

Incorporating years of expertise and an unwavering commitment to transformation, Lizi Jackson-Barrett brings an unparalleled track record to the Confidence Strategy Half-Day Intensive. With a remarkable 100% success rate in enhancing the measured confidence of every individual she works with, Lizi’s impact is not ephemeral; it’s enduring.



Confidence isn’t just a trait; it’s a catalyst for change

In the corporate sphere, where innovation, collaboration, and leadership drive progress, confidence becomes the driving force behind remarkable transformations. It empowers individuals to voice ideas boldly, collaborate effectively, and navigate challenges with resilience. Lizi Jackson-Barrett understands this power intimately, and her mission is to impart this invaluable asset to corporate teams, facilitating a profound shift in their approach to work and growth.

The Confidence Strategy Intensive Programme is carefully structured to maximize impact within a condensed timeframe. Through a series of interactive exercises, empowering discussions, and confidence-building activities, participants embark on a transformative journey. The approach centers on self-discovery, honing in on innate strengths, and confronting self-limiting beliefs. The aim is to elevate confidence levels, amplify communication skills, and instill a robust sense of self-assurance within each team member.

Corporate success hinges not only on individual knowledge and expertise but also on the collective confidence of the team. Lizi recognizes the significance of cohesive, confident teams in fostering innovation, enhancing productivity, and fostering a positive work environment. The Confidence Strategy Intensive  Programme is the strategic answer to the challenges faced by modern corporate teams, offering a tailored, intensive experience that transcends traditional training methods.

Long Lasting Outcomes

  1. Enhanced Communication: Participants gain the confidence to articulate ideas clearly, fostering transparent communication within the team.
  2. Heightened Collaboration: Confidence breeds collaboration. Teams learn to collaborate seamlessly, leveraging each member’s unique strengths.
  3. Effective Leadership: Confidence is the cornerstone of impactful leadership. Team members emerge with enhanced leadership skills, empowering them to lead with authority and empathy.
  4. Resilience in Challenges: Confidence equips individuals with resilience. Teams learn to navigate challenges methodically, learning from setbacks and emerging stronger.
  5. Innovation and Creativity: Confidence fosters a culture of innovation. Teams embrace creativity, exploring new ideas and approaches fearlessly.

Programme Design

The Confidence Strategy Intensive Programme is meticulously designed to deliver maximum impact within a condensed timeframe (Half-Day). This methodology incorporates a series of interactive exercises, empowering discussions, and confidence-building activities, guiding participants through a transformative journey. The approach revolves around self-discovery, emphasizing innate strengths, and addressing self-limiting beliefs. The ultimate goal is to enhance confidence levels, refine communication skills, and nurture a strong sense of self-assurance in every team member.

Additionally, individuals will have the option to participate in four one-on-one coaching sessions over 8 weeks to further personalise their experience.

Proven Results

The elevated confidence ratings her clients achieve, consistently soaring even a year after working with her, underscore a fundamental shift in self-perception, potential, and the courage to embrace significant strides. This isn’t merely a temporary boost; it’s a permanent change that empowers individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations, emboldening them to venture into uncharted territories they once deemed unreachable. Join Lizi on this transformative journey, where confidence isn’t just a trait; it’s a lifelong asset that propels you towards exceptional performance and success.