Course Overview

Building Your Leadership Persona,

Emerging Leaders: Rise to Excellence

Embark on a journey towards leadership excellence with Mathilde Boyer, a seasoned Career & Leadership Coach who seamlessly blends her corporate wisdom with coaching finesse. Welcome to “Emerging Leaders: Rise to Excellence,” a bespoke programme meticulously crafted to foster the untapped potential of leaders in the early stages of their leadership journey.


Discover Your Leadership Style

Through a series of immersive experiences, personalised competency reports, insightful discussions, and skill-building activities, participants engage in a journey of growth under Mathilde’s expert guidance.

In this programme, emerging leaders have a chance to delve into the nuances of their leadership style, master impactful communication, cultivate a growth mindset, unlock untapped potential in themselves and their team, and refine time mastery. Each topic is meticulously tailored to individual participants, forming a customised progression toward the pinnacle of leadership excellence.


What is included?

* Leadership Competency Audit

The audit is completed at the start of the programme to assess the future leader’s existing competencies and again, at the end to measure the progress accomplished.

* 5x reflective questionnaires pre-coaching sessions

This is a guided reflection on a specific leadership topic to help future leaders prepare for the coaching sessions and ensure the conversations are effective and impactful.

* 7x Individual Coaching Sessions

5x personalised topic-based sessions, each focused on a specific leadership topic. 2x 30-min recap & reflect sessions, one at the end of the programme and one 3 months after the programme has ended.

* Done with you Leadership Growth Plan

Develop a strategic plan of action to ensure you continue growing your skills and self-awareness as a leader beyond the programme.

* Unlimited email support

Have a coach in your back pocket for the duration of the programme.

Long Lasting Outcomes

  1. Enhanced Leadership Performance: Participants gain essential core leadership competencies and ways of thinking, empowering them to thrive in their roles.
  2. Effective succession planning: The programme develop leaders so that they can fill business-critical positions in the future.
  3. Heightened Confidence: Participants feel more confident in their ability to lead effectively whilst being authentic. They also learn to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable as a leader.
  4. Self-aware leaders: leaders unearth their blind spots and acknowledge how they may inadvertently impede not only their personal growth but also the development of their team members or the progress of the organisation.
  5. Growing coaching culture: Participants become managers as coach which enhances team communication, empowers individual growth, and fosters a positive and engaged work culture.
  6. Creativity and innovation: Participants gain new perspectives on the situations they face and options to grow the business.
  7. Ensures sustainable growth: Confidence fosters a culture of innovation. Teams embrace creativity, exploring new ideas and approaches fearlessly.

Programme Design

The Emerging Leaders Programme is designed to deliver a long-lasting impact. This methodology incorporates a series of interactive coaching sessions, empowering discussions, and practical exercises, guiding participants through a transformative journey. The approach involves self-discovery, emphasizing innate strengths, and discovering leadership styles. The goal is to equip Emerging Leaders with strong communication skills and nurture a strong sense of belief as a Leader

Proven Results

During this experience, emerging leaders will develop their mental fitness and cultivate cognitive frameworks that are enduring, versatile and applicable to diverse contexts and situations, ensuring their relevance extends far beyond the programme’s duration.

The bedrock of sustainable growth for an organisation lies in the attitudes and performance of its leaders. Therefore, investing in emerging leaders becomes a proactive strategy to future-proof both the talents and the organisation.

Join Mathilde on an empowering journey, where emerging leaders build the skills, mindset, and resilience needed to navigate the challenges of leadership and usher in a new era of performance and fulfilment.