We help successful leaders become even better by measurably improving their leadership effectiveness.

In partnership with OptionsToGrow, this coaching programme is designed for ambitious leaders who want to improve their leadership effectiveness.
The objectives are clear: Improving your leadership on the job.

No fluff. No wasted time. Measured results.

The methodology has been developed by Marshall Goldsmith and his teams.
.Marshall Goldsmith is the #1 rated executive coach and is recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world by Harvard Business Review.
.Stakeholder Centered Coaching® is used by 150 CEOs in Fortune 500s.
.Stakeholder Centered Coaching® has helped senior leaders for over more than three decades

Being former C-level executives, we know how valuable your time is. That’s why we work with you to fit this coaching process into your schedule.

Everything is done in the real world of your job.
It’s designed to deliver results, not waste time.
You measure us as your executive coach not on the time we spend with you but on your results.
The Executive Coaching Programme is headed by Dror Allouche, Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Dror Allouche


Proven Methodology

Select the major objectives of leadership behaviors you want to improve.

Select 6 to 12 people who work and interact with you regularly in your current mission.

Ask for monthly feedback and feedforwards to your stakeholders.

build and adapt your plan every month based on the feedback and “Feedforward” (suggestions) of your stakeholders

Measurable Impact

Internationally recognised

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