Course Overview

Become an exceptional leader. Improve yourself and your organisational performance.

The High-Flyer Coaching Programme from Avilio focuses on organisational performance as well as the development of an individual through coaching and weekly support.

Executive Coaching is the ultimate in tailored leadership development.

You work 1-2-1 with a dedicated and personal Coach on your goals and challenges, your unique strengths, and any areas for development. You create a solid and trusting partnership that enables you to improve and sustain your performance through leaning on experience and expertise at a corporate, productivity and performance level.

We offer either 6 or 12-month programs, which are broken down into:

  • A 1-hour discovery session
  • 2 x 2 -hours initial “Get to Know” sessions – Online or Face-to-Face (Location permitted)
  • 30-minute weekly online sessions for the duration of your selected programme.

Programme Benefits

How you will benefit

Productivity Tools to control time

The support, the insight for improvement

Personal support will help you improve your leadership skills and your organisation's performance.

Become 20% more productive

A sustainable performance

Maintaining performance at such a high level takes determination, motivation and commitment. Our coaches support you weekly to ensure your performance does not wane.

Positive intent. Postive teams.

A positive intent. A clear plan.

External coaching support gives a non-judgemental and unbiased view of your challenges – This helps with clarity and direction, helping keep leaders motivated and positive with clear objectives.

Programme Steps

The support, the coaching, the insight to develop your leadership.

An in-depth, 1-hour discovery session where we’ll get to know each other – your strengths, potential weaknesses or blind spots, areas for development and your current and future goals and challenges.

We’ll have two more in-depth face-to-face meetings, somewhere neutral, to explore your psyche, modus operandi and aspirations. We’ll start forming a plan for how we can improve and sustain your performance and achieve your goals while limiting or better managing your challenges.

Weekly 30-minute online sessions running the duration of your programme to help push the needle every week while keeping you accountable and motivated to reach your performance goals.

You will have built a trusted relationship with your coach, who will have helped you towards solving some of the organisational performance issues you were facing while developing your leadership skills. Hence, you are confident and in control of your future journey in work and life.

Who is this Programme for?

The High-Flyer Coaching Programme is for leaders in business who are ready to fine-tune their organisation performance and personal development to become improved and strong leaders.

Middle Managers Icon

High-potential Managers

Senior Management in your team showing the potential to move to the C-Suite level.

Founders and Owners Icon


Directors in business looking for external support to help them push the envelope further and round their leadership skillset.

Need to book for more than one person?

If you’re interested in a group booking or bespoke training please get in touch with our team on
+44 (0)1386 828 427, or email